In Denmark the % of cyclist in traffic doesn’t change with the season…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!!! Via TCB Courier SF
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Come see the new Omniums colours for fall… Orange, blue and of course matt black all in stock now and ready for a test ride! Omnium is the new track!!!
  Picture via Radlust. The bicycle store, that saved Kreuzberg before… Krach-Bum!
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Omnium 2016 in stock! Orange, Blue and Matt black! Come check them out…
  Omnium is the new track! Via
  Via Snap! Chicago
  Yes, you gotta be tall to ride that, but that thing is fast… Pre-order closing soon, due to arrival in September… Titanium anyone? Holla at us…
  Sell your car, buy a cargo bike and #savekeirinberlin. If we sell 350 Omniums, we can buy the shop… Abwrackprämie calling!!!
  Thats right… Ffffouund
  New Omnium’s are scheduled to arrive in August. So PRE-ORDER NOW. There will be matt black, sparkly orange with white logo and dark blue with black logo! Get in touch with us!!!
  Just in, a fresh delivery of Wald Baskets in all sizes. Yes, also the small silver version! Woooop!
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  Nico has been building a frames for a while now and he is getting better and better… Check his IG here and wait for more to come… Another Italian in Berlin!!!
  More pictures from Peru here…
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!!! Anika in Karlstad via
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  Havanna, Cuba. Moving apartments…
indian girls
  ‘Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna’has changed the face of Bihar with lakhs of schoolgirls riding bicycles to their schools every day with a purpose. READ
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  Übermessenger is on a Omnium now too… Watch out, he’s greeeeedy!!!