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  Maybe you did see the Titanium Omnium Cargo at the BFS, if not, check it out… Its going back to KBH next week, as this is only a prototype. In case you are interested, pre-order. Delivery time, about 6 month! The weight is 12.5 kg’s! Wow!
  Try all three Omnium models at our booth at the BFS this weekend!
  Cidre Delivery, yes! Via Keirinberlin Instagram
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  New Omnium coming this week! Come check it out…
  In the meantime in Shanghai…
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  We got almost no Omnium’s left! New batch end of February! Please pre-order as they go like hotcakes.
  The future is out there… Via Radpropaganda
pedex girl
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! PedEx Santa Cruz here
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Bicicleta de carga,Guadalajara, Mexico
We are getting there again, soon! Kobenhavn 1940, bicycle messengers for Illum department store. Boooom!
The King would be 80 today!!! But he is still alive anyway…
Cargobikes are not only the new track, they are also the new automobiles! Pic via Radpropaganda
More “cargo wednesdays” – “courier mondays” – “do a trick” Hey, ride a bike! Juten rutsch 2015, booooom!
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Schornsteinfeger next life! For sure… Via
Ok it’s not a bike, but actually it’s cargo wednesdays not cargo bike wednesdays. Anyway does this look like a bicycle thing to you. Pic somewhere in Japan found @
cycle-pram combo 1920