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  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Kid Ill, 25 years on the streets! Booom…
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Coming in the next few days… Immediate classic! Those will be gone soon! The cap is dedicated to the first place victory in Professional Pursuit, UCI Track Track Worlds, Bassano del Grappa in 1985 by Hans-Henrik Ørsted. Cinelli caps are €15
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Looking fresh! Via Milano Fixed
Some delicious Japanese or Italian parts gefällig? Na klar doch!!!
Found on MF
At least the French Bikes are good for something Check!!!
Still the nicest saddle out there… Cinelli Unicanitor
Eye of the storm back again, among many others… Spring is out there!!!
Looking great! Just in, take a look…€1599
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Aber so was von!!!! Via Father Tu’s…
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Alfred’s carbon Cinelli with the new Futura paintjob, ready for the Red Hook Crit Milano… Ride hard!!!
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The dream bike! If you pre-order a Cinelli Laser with us, we promise you lifetime coffee in our shop! So nice…
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Berlin legend “Lange 99″ with his new Cinelli ride…
The Cinelli Book is a must have! More info here
Just in from Milano. The one and only original tape… Different colors €13!
Many different caps arrived today! Old and new teams! €15 each!
Looking damn hot! Pre-order NOW, delivery in November (Yep, sorry!) More pix on MASH SF!
Some colors from bella famosa Italia! You are not high, someone though
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Columbus tubi and Cinelli, that’s right…