I’m making an educated guess that this is a baker’s delivery bike, again in Holland. pic transportfiets.
Those were big, back in the days… Is MTB the new Cargo!? Found on Milano Fixed
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Click here to see the amazing film about Herr Apel. He runs the oldest outdoor wooden-track in the world! Nice!
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! 105 years ago in 1908, wow!
Oldskool BMX ad’s are the best…
Nice! Those were the golden days for Shimano…
The Cinelli Book is a must have! More info here
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One of these bikes was stolen this weekend out of a cellar in Hamburg, Germany. Serial number is 1577, frame size 56 cm. See also here: Just always remember…
Just in from Milano. The one and only original tape… Different colors €13!
Many different caps arrived today! Old and new teams! €15 each!
Back in stock! 700×24 and 700×29! If you prefer Continental Gatorskin, also here…
The Danes have really got it goin’ on with the Cargo-bike and always have. Cargo bike race in 1950. Courtesy of and copyright Copenhagen City Museum / Københavns Bymuseum.
Foto: Marcel Gautherot/IMS
Back in 1958. Foto: Marcel Gautherot/IMS
Nice one, anyone any info? Cargo is def the new track…
The round model always in stock, different colors €14
As of this week you are no longer required by German law to have your bike fitted with a dynamo. Often unreliable and plagued by faulty wiring, don’t think they’ll be greatly missed. Photo ADFC
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Columbus tubi and Cinelli, that’s right…
Very nice indeed, love to have this for the shop.
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Probably the most beautiful trackframe ever!