In case you were considering getting a cargo bike for your kid!? Omnium got it all, let us know, if interested, pre-order only!!!
  Get a Omnium and another one and yes! Ride safe! Try it out at our store! Cargo is the new track!
  Yes, its a Omnium Cargo for kids… Pre-order only!!! Shoot us a mail, in case you are interested. Seat tube is 34cm / Top tube 50cm w/ 406/559 wheels. Perfect for ages 7-12! Ooooh we wish we would be kids again…
Ride a cargo bike and listen to music loud!
Get an Omnium so you can carry more Omniums… Or smth like that! Join the hype, the future is out there…
  Looking for a reason to get another bike? Come try out our Omnium’s! The Mini is the perfect bike to get around town and pick up some goodies here and there… Take it for a spin! Cool kool!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Via Andy Zalan’s stream
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 01.03.15
  Mario’s cargo is most def lighter than yours… Omnium Ti all the way from #vote4bern
  Back in the days… Our history is the future!!!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! The good ol’ MTB times… KBH 1992 via ECMC 2016
  You go girl! Via GoBike GoLife Egypt…
  Omnium is the new track, at least in Denmark… We’re working on it! Come try our Omnium’s…
  Maybe you want something a little bit more light? Our Omniums weight less than 17 kgs and are fast! Try them out…
  Omnium made it to the New York Times yoooo! #omniumisthenewtrack Come try it out at the store!
  Omniums are child approved! Come check them out and go for a ride! All models to try! Omnium is the new track…Pic via
  Check out DropIt Paris Omnium Mini… Looks fresh! Come for a ride, we got one Mini left!
  Respect the cykel bud, not only on mondays! Via
  And they don’t even take so much space! Looking for an excuse to get another bike? Try out an Omnium! Test ride? Sure, come on over…
In Denmark the % of cyclist in traffic doesn’t change with the season…
  Yes, you gotta be tall to ride that, but that thing is fast… Pre-order closing soon, due to arrival in September… Titanium anyone? Holla at us…