For all you gorilla’s out there… Omnium Cargo XL!!!
  Omnium is the new track, at least in Denmark… We’re working on it! Come try our Omnium’s…
  Maybe you want something a little bit more light? Our Omniums weight less than 17 kgs and are fast! Try them out…
  Omnium made it to the New York Times yoooo! #omniumisthenewtrack Come try it out at the store!
  Yes! Jumbo himself… Try out an Omnium at our store!
  Check out DropIt Paris Omnium Mini… Looks fresh! Come for a ride, we got one Mini left!
  Respect the cykel bud, not only on mondays! Via
  And they don’t even take so much space! Looking for an excuse to get another bike? Try out an Omnium! Test ride? Sure, come on over…
In Denmark the % of cyclist in traffic doesn’t change with the season…
  Yes, you gotta be tall to ride that, but that thing is fast… Pre-order closing soon, due to arrival in September… Titanium anyone? Holla at us…
  Soooo good! Via
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 18.38.49
  Maybe you did see the Titanium Omnium Cargo at the BFS, if not, check it out… Its going back to KBH next week, as this is only a prototype. In case you are interested, pre-order. Delivery time, about 6 month! The weight is 12.5 kg’s! Wow!
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.10.27
  New Omnium coming this week! Come check it out…
We are getting there again, soon! Kobenhavn 1940, bicycle messengers for Illum department store. Boooom!
Kvinder cykel, via
Lil’ sneak peak, so you got an idea, about the “couple” Omnium… Next year available!!!
Just liked the look of this classic Short John ‘butcher bike’  it belongs to the SIDEWALK skate shop in Copenhagen. Photo Colville -Andersen
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 13.14.28
Omnium and Bob are good friends! Get it…
2014-10-07 14.38.03
Seen in KBH by Jo! Thanks for the pic, ride safe!