Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!!!!
female thursdays…
  Check out a lil film (sorry for the bad quality!) from the 1940’s, when Wendy Suart and Shirley Duncan rode about 18.000 km’s around Australia for 3 years. Click on pic for the 3 minute video! Nice one…
  What a jerk… Take a sharp turn… You go girl!
female thursdays…
  More for the ladies… Krys Dauchy, the first ever sponsored female BMX rider… Click on pic for little video from 1987
  Black girls ride bicycles too… Read
female thursdays…
How Street Harassment Affects Female Bike Messengers… Check out the lil film from Philly, featuring some of our good friends from this great place! Click on the picture to watch this 7 minute documentary!
  Found this nice article on She 36 tumblr about this amazing bike trip of 17 year old Ruth Orkin who became one of the biggest photographers of all time! Nice!!!
  Oh la la Sophia! Watch “La Ciociara” in Italiano tho…
  Cycling might be bad for your vagina… Maybe not!? Read here…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Ride safe grrrrllll… Via Mana
  Watch out its slippery! Tonight minus 9! Ouuuch!!! Ride safe!
female thursdays…
  What did ever happen to Missy Giove? Click on pic for lil film! Yo grrrrrllll….
  Saudi women can now ride bicycles in public (kind of) read article and feel free to share
  Mary is showing Pedro how to do a trick or wot!? Turn up the volume, listen here…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! And especially Becky aka the Hurricane! You go girl! Pic via toydog
Lyli Herse knows wasssup…
  Finally back again. Our homage to the legendary Brooklyn cycling team but with our local Oberbaum bridge in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This time black on black! Get it live in our shop or swoop it here
  Joanne pulls Paul, whooops!
  Mariana Pajon rules the BMX world for a while now… Easy, checkcheckcheck!!!
  Can Ayesha McGowan become America’s first black Woman Pro Cyclist? Via Vice (hah!)