We just got a new delivery of the most popular tires… Skids are for kids, but its fun… Gatorskins are €30, Randonneurs are €30 in White and Black €25
Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 4.27.06 PM
Probably the most beautiful trackframe ever!
Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 11.11.46 PM
Yo Jussi, where the trackbike at? Hey, enjoy the summer… Nice bike!
Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 10.57.34 PM
Yesterday Josiah Ng came over for a surprise visit! Nice, that we finally met! We got a few 5Bling gloves here, come check them out, they are hot!
Respect the bicycle courier… Even the UBM Milano messengers Stole the picture from Via Aurelia e  Milano
Finally back in stock.  50mm long w/ 31.8 clamp !  €25 black / €32 in  shiny white
PEZ Episode 1 from cadence studios on Vimeo. Yo Pezo! We go back! We still got some Pez stickers here… Come get ‘em!
Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 11.12.34 PM
The Red Hook Crit is auctioning off a limited edition Cinelli Vigorelli (size 54) to raise money for Josh “Pro” Hartman who was seriously injured during qualifying at the RHC BNY on June 8th, 2013.  100% of the proceeds from this sale will go towards Josh’s recovery. Bid here…
After riding 8kms uphill! Who said this is impossible on a trackbike? Hah!!!
So far they ride smooth with 150psi…
Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 11.18.54 PM
How was that text again? Maybe something like…” Pre-order now and get  a free Cinelli stem-bar-post combo and some Espresso’s for you and your friends too… !” Looks like chrome is back? For more information see your local bikedealer on Oberbaumstr.5, Models may vary… Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker
Whatever kind of bike you prefer doesn’t matter, just go and ride!
5-0 is bored, got nothing else to do here in Berlin!?
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Who that? Nice…
Possibly the most punture resistant tire ever. In stock now! Gatorskin €30, Gatorhardshell €40, also the foldable version available… Thanks Conti!
For the Fahrtwind Crew tomorrow! Safe ride and say hello to the Diamant Crew
100mph and hit that front brake check...