The tire to get if you don’t wanna worry about flats…
Big load on a Cetma cargo bike which has to be one of the best looking cargo bikes out there. My personal favorite.
100mph and hit that front brake check...
Would be a nice poster! Found here…
Hübner’s NJS Georama on NJS Export, the biggest NJS frame, maybe!? 64.5cm bang!
Nice work! Keep it up… Where da frames at Chris? Via
If You See Something, Say Something.
Yep, that’s a pretty terrible set up! Found on Landlords…
The low pro wave has hit Berlin, is low pro the way to go?
We warned ya!
Pimpin’ Affinity Kissena for Sandy! Together with Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan on eBay! Nice!!! Found…
and there are more to get… Found on Urban Velo
Check out the new Vigorelli for the US market, but no worries we got our hands on some of those, but let us know asap so we can figure it out for you…
Only in NYC, naaaah actually saw that in Berlin before too, but not a trackframe…
Rockin’ the Affinity Kissena while in the City, not that bad actually… Thanks for the hook-up Victor!
Maybe one of the best framebuilders currently… Also a great person, nicely done Chris…
Screen shot 2012-09-11 at 11.44.08 PM
Those fake Cannondale’s seem to pop-up all over nowadays. We made those already 5 years ago, psst…   So, if you want your bike to look even more like a Cannondale? Please change those cranks, at least! Hey, only a 90’s Cannondale is a 90’s Cannondale… If you still want those stickers? Get em…
This bike is still a must for our “museum”, oooh oh… Love it! Via Jussi’s…
No need to have a license to “drive” a Porsche. Damn, found on the Mafia
Always worth a visit while in Milan, Alberto Masi! At the Vigorelli velodromo