Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you need a courier while in Yokohama, try Courio City!!! Possibly the coolest bikecourier company worldwide, ne!!!!?
Gotta’ gotta’ get that one as a poster too, for sure! Cinelli a step a head, like always…
Cinelli got it! Classic bars and stem will return next year… They probaly will be gone, before they are released… Picture of Paolo via AERODINAMICA, hello Antonello:)
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Good to see you are still out there Daisuke, ride safe…!!! Via
The “new world” is throwing races all the time, we are jealous, be there if you can…
Number 10 finally arrived, thanks to the Cog possee, see you this summer!
Come on over and try some Japanese style drip coffee with Rie today:)
Please read about this here... and check some more pictures from May/June 2001, just click on picture!!! Make sure to check those guys if you ever make it to Kathmandu!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… See more pictures from Zorro’s 25th Birthday on the street, here…
In Hamburg though! Found on Renato’s Radpropaganda
Up for a groupride tonight? Do it, with Fahrtwind…
You know we will be back in Japan! Great article on TSP, must read!
Anyone interested? Drop us a line, we’re in touch with Krillz… Any trick folks out there?
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… See you in July Joaquin!
Yo Zorro, respect brother! Hang in for another 25 years, eh!? Here's a message from Berlin's Übermessenger... "My race. its on friday the thirteenth of may. its an evil day, for an evil race. Maybe some elementz of voodoo involved? But anyway i´m expecting over 150 racers. It will be a 2 to 3 hour long race with lots of chances to party in between, five minute long sprints with beer and cocktails in between. u can race in a team or solo.
Ooooh I want…!  Just gotta remove that brake lever, looks terrible, there must be a better undercover solution!? Fully internal drivetrain that allows the rider to switch between fixed and freewheel. More info at The Alpha Bike, found on Brian’s site…
Our friend Matteo will be throwing a race in Milano tomorrow, be there if you can!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Pictured is Anselm, shot taken by Stef…
We are closed over the easter weekend, we will be back on Tuesday at noon! Today there will be the re-opening of Smart-Deli, be there, it’s so yummy…
Just on Prolly, looking hot… Yann for Cinelli and Campagnolo for 2012 London Olympics! You know it Paolo, that Laser is mine:)