Der Trend zum zweit Omnium… Omnium on Omnium! Enjoy the rides, Conrad! Just one lil black Omnium left…
Yes well we all know how tough football players are.
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!!! Via
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Wow! I remember that one… We miss the old Berlin!
You know it! Tonight 2045 Millerntor Stadion Sankt Pauli
Good one! You go for a ride boss and in the meantime näh ick ma den Knopp ran…
Great! We love it! Time to visit Hamburg again!!! 15,8 Millionen vor den Fernsehgeräten = leer gefegte Straßen in der Stadt! Hamburg Nightride präsentiert das Nightride-Spezial zu jedem Deutschlandspiel und zum Finale.Wer will schon WM gucken, wenn man stattdessen durch die leeren Straßen Hamburgs fahren kann… More info!
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Respect the bicycle messenger… Not only on mondays! Picture via Ciclo Courier Rio
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The other day at the shop… I remember I was proud wie Bolle when the officer gave me that sticker back in the 80’s
Don’t even ask, we won’t show anything about the Fußball WM! No, not even a recap about the all so great game from the day before… All you get is Radball, if anything Fußball related! You ask for it? You get the beers… Aight! May the horror have an end soon…
Keirin Shop Portrait from keirinberlin on Vimeo. Oooh Ooh… Blah blah blah…Nuff said!
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A huge bag of Pasta, a Banana, some Pistachio’s, Cashew’s with Cranberries, Knäckebrot (of course), a hard boiled egg, 2 Gallons of water and two delicious Cliff Bars… Rostock-Berlin 12hrs… Yes, Slomotion
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Hey Marten, die Pasta mit de Fleischklöpse schmeckte noch besser heute… Die Schuhe sind auch langsam wieder trocken! Krakow am See, nice… Rinjeboxt, weiterjeeehts..
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! NYC 80’s oldskool in Mexico DF, wassssup? Via Anselm and Fahrtwind
At the Ostsee… Damn cold water, but refreshing… Nice!!!
Some trick ladies… Yo yo yo! Check...
Look at those Melons Camioncyclette, saw it here.
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Crihs won the Mexico DF Alleycat during this years CMWC!!!
Yes, that’s Bob Haro in 1977!!!
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Ride your bike… Via Mikael