Girls & Their Vintage Bicycles (1)
You go girls!!!
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The only cool trick on a track bike is going fast. Via
But maybe think about your Regenmantel
More about shadow artis Ellis G. here…
Moving bikes on a bike way to go… found@
Oooops… Go for a ride and eat some gelato!!!
Back in stock! Different colors… €7,50
Last day trackside 85 plus some Minigolf actschön with Indomigo… Starting at 4pm, come over! Prost!
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Check Scott Free’s coloring book here. Yo bro’ send one over!!!
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This Thursday is your last chance to see the pictures from the 1985 Berlin Six days race! Check trackside 85 and join us for some minigolf! Indomigo in the house…
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Time to do a ride from the Ostsee to Berlin again! Pic from last years ride, still rockin’ the same ol’ Gatorskins! Pic
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Buy a set of Gatorskins and have a free drink. We were just voted # 1 Gatorskin dealer in Germany. All sizes 700x23c/25c/28c and 32c, €30 per tire. Skids are for kids, but they are fun for sure!
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Good news  today… Papergirl Berlin is back, we like!!!
Just a little side note… Louis de Funès would’ve been 100 years today „Kommt selten vor, dass man im Sarg in die Pedale tritt!“ (Louis und seine außerirdischen Kohlköpfe)
Found on MF
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!
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Omnium Cargo goes maximum… Thanks for the info Conrad
Best Cargobike in Berlin, ever… Since 1923 and still rockin’ Pic via