Our old wall by @everfreshstudio before the battle started… Some folks might say, that Graffiti is part of gentrification, but maybe you should #rideyourbike and keep those comments…  
Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 18.48.16
  Back to the roots with Just and loooooots of stencil’s… Ready this week! Very very different! Come and see it live!
Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 12.43.57 AM
We like our Kiez and Hanow bikes are also from here…
Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 10.35.19 PM
Yo! We still got the design Toons made for you! Wassup King!? Via Rie’s Flickr
Yes, we only can support this idea! More great pictures on Luna Park’s Flickr!
Nice shot from Amsterdam, enjoy your time, check…
On August 13th 1961 the German Democratic Republic started constructing the Berlin Wall. That’s 50 years ago today. Luckily the “Anti-Faschistischer-Schutzwall” is gone now. Come visit and find out, there are still visible sights everywhere in Berlin, a city that was split in half for almost 30 years. Graph by Erosie…
Unfortunately the Everfresh wall is history, yes this one too, but for sure there will be some space left for Makatron and more Everfresh
Cold stream by Cy Twombly always reminded me about bicycle travels or maybe bicycleracin’, dunno!? Nice for sure… Cy Twombly died yesterday at the age of 83. Rest in peace!
More color in the city, sounds good! Video here and found over here… Nice!
Fast tagging with Looptaggr and a bike, so cool! Check the video here
We always liked the 6 guy! See the video here and his photos’ over here…
Finally in!  Cinelli bartape w/ Mike Giant design, they go fast…
There is a special place for bike thieves in hell, from
Asides from the floor decor, RAM handlebar and bar-tape. There was a strong “giant” presence at the Cinelli booth, Eurobike 2010
Spike Lee sporting one of our caps if I’m not mistaken.by MTO & SOME…….