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  Peter and the crew are back with TWO, the new Cog Magazine! Long time awaited and look who made it on the cover!!! We hope there are some copies on its way, if you can not wait, go support and buy a bike magazine that is made by cyclists not only for cyclists, nowadays its the other way around… You know who you are!
In the meantime
in Novosibirsk
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  New Omnium coming this week! Come check it out…
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  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!
Lona Andre, Verna Hillie and Gail Patrick enjoy the winter time…
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Bring some color on the grey streets of Berlin. We got baby blue too!!! €29 with Espresso at the store or get it here
Coca Cola Cowboy Toby Henderson back in the good ol’ 80’s
Ride it like you chill…
The King would be 80 today!!! But he is still alive anyway…
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After eating all that nonsense… Polish National Team 1980 by Jan Rozmarynoskwi
Bicycle outfit from the 40′s by Claire McCardell.
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Schornsteinfeger next life! For sure… Via
Storing cycles Paddington Station (1902)
We are packing up for this year! We might be in for a few hrs. tomorrow. Juten Rutsch!
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Now you’re talking… Who really needs brakes?