This shout goes out to the ladies with the Klappräder… Ride safe!
  Say wot!?
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! You go Steph
  Who would’ve thought that? Today 12 years ago on April 1st 2004 we opened our doors at Keirin⚡️ Our idea was more like a coffee shop with a bicycle theme so we can hang out with our messlife friends… We got a bicycle store with some coffee. Back then folks were wondering what this concept is all about? We still don’t know yet… and working on it to be always different than the others. Everybody can open up a bike store and it feels like everybody does, now every other city even has a bike cafe… Lots of things changed in the past 12 years… Not only for the good, our beloved Kreuzbergis going through a gentrificationprocess that is a bit too quick for the mellow Berlin mood, at least one thing is for sure, the bicycle is the future Go ride the bicycle you like and let’s save the trackbike We’re accepting birthday cakes all day long, come over and have a drink with us to another 12 years of bicycle culture… ☕️
  We got some Palmy’s left… Lightweight, the perfect lock to go for a cruise! Get em here or come visit us!
  Sunday ride! Follow us on Instagram!
  Probably empty in Brandenburg, as there is this show… Do it! Ride it like you stole it…
  Omnium made it to the New York Times yoooo! #omniumisthenewtrack Come try it out at the store!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Even though they sometimes only deliver food and are celebrities! Its good to see friends on the podium! What a team! Nicely done! Ride safe!!!
cargo wednesdays…
  Nice one! What a family… Click for little short film!!!
  Cant really tell if this is new or old, but for sure it is stylin’… Ride safe ladies!
courier mondays…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Click on it, to see the CMWC Paris promo video! This year! Boom!
  Its been a year now, that She 36 formed a girls only fixed gear bonanza! Ride safe ladies!
  Respect the bicycle courier… Even the one’s that crash into your cab! Via
  Loots o sleepless nights back in the days!!! Yeti!!! Booooooom…
Go for a ride!?
  and do a trick… Click on pic for flic!
  Back just in time for the winter! What winter? This time in white… Go get it here We can ship the latest this year on the 24th!!!
  Omniums are child approved! Come check them out and go for a ride! All models to try! Omnium is the new track…Pic via