Where is the finish? In Westend, naaaaa, only looks like that… Be there tomorrow! Ride safe! Brought to you by Fahrtwind and Bagjack!
What did actually happen to L.A. Gear? Guess the 80’s were not long enough… Found on FGB
The summer is back, go for a ride with the ladies! Via Pedalmafia TYO
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Ride hard North America!
Alan Oakley the designer of the Raleigh Chopper bicycle has died. Despite being uncomfortable and difficult to ride, the Chopper was the dream bike of every kid who grew up in 70’s Britain. Inspired by American bicycle styles like the Schwinn Stingray the Chopper with banana seat, large back wheel, small front wheel and stick-shift was a huge success for Raleigh.
Respect the bicycle courier and not only just on monday, aight!!! TCB Courier in the house, nuff said…
Your dad rode vintage road bikes before you did and he’s got the saddle-smashed balls to prove it. He was a cadence-king of the century club who crank-kicked the shit out of his competition. His two-wheeled chariot was Campy fresh and lugged-steel sturdy. He deserves a yellow jersey for being a life-leader of the swag peloton.So hipsters, when you’re saddle deep in 70’s street style that you’ve ruined by converting it into a fixie with obnoxiously neon velocity wheels, remember this… That bike was the only thing your dad rode harder than the Tour de Your Mom.
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Good to know, that Eugene is still rocking the 5 Boro’s! Picture via Doug…
Back again, 35 Euro’s, also Blue and Pink!
We totally dig this, click a few times to make it bigger! Via
Found on Brian Fu’s flwrider… Are there couriers in HK?
Looking good !!! We will make some jersey too, soon, but they will be more blackish though… Via Landlords!!!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Katz! Happy 20th Birthday on the streets of Tokyo, ride safe! Just in case you are in Tokyo, call Katz!!! Buy him a beer or two and hey KaO, thanks for the pictures!!! Click and scroll…
Nice one! Found on FuckYeahGirlsAndBikes…
If you are in Milano go race an alleycat. Matteo is good people… Ride safe!
Berlin Wilmersdorfer Style say wot? We like…


Kalkoff, Keirin und Kettler… He, he, he!
Looking good, thanks for the hint Bera!
Be aware, they bite! Piranha’s are also dangerous…. 
Nah, not in the Spree!