He’s back! Yeeeah! And will help us to get rid of gentrification! Check him out live or get the T-shirt here…
  Maybe the movement is growing stronger… Our Kiez is pretty cool and it is actually a Kiez, not only Späti, Burger und anderer Unsinn… Thanks for the support to Bizim Kiez… Wrangelstraße might be renamed to Bizimstraße soon. Wrangel? Come on…
  We appreciate all your support for helping to #savekeirinberlin and will do our best to be more better everyday… No, really…!!! Maybe you like our shirt? Check it live at the shop and we will make you a nice coffee or here and we will ad loooots of stickers, for you and your friends! Ride hard, ride safe, ride!!!
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  Amazing pictures by Patrick Joust, not only in Baltimore found on MF
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Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Even though it is hard sometimes… Scharfe Soße und Rixdorfer, way to go! Ride Safe! Ex-Bo Style!!!
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Berlin Street Art this time, via
So, do you really enjoy that stupid World Cup? Read some of the truth here… You do not even wanna know! What a perfect world!
Def the one to roll down Hermannstraße!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays…
APTOPIX India Daily Life
As you can see, who need’s a car? Thanks for the link Bera, from here…
That’s an old trick from Niagra Falls DOUGLAS, Ariz. – Customs and Border Protection officers have seized about $11,000 worth of marijuana after it was found stuffed in the tires of two bicycles. Friday, CBP officers spotted two 15-year-old Mexican boys on bicycles approaching the border. Officers searched the bicycles and found that the tires of both bicycles were loaded with seven pounds of marijuana. Found here…
Come over now, if you have the time and exchange your cake for some sushi…. Laters!
Looks beautiful, but not in use anymore, shame! Check more pictures here…
spring cleaning at keirin, rims for tubs anyone?
More cargo bikes from Rio. Thanks Bera, click on the picture for more!!!
Ideen muss man haben, just saw it around the corner from the shop, great!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays…