Miaaau! By Meher Khan!
  Go ride up a tree! Fall rules…
  We are open from 1-6pm come over and have a coffee with us! Enjoy the weekend…
  Sisters of the moon by Helen Tseng
  Just because and also there was just Hallowe’en… Via Pen Friend RIDE SAFE!
Cloud Rider by Ashley Stark  
  We found some caps from the good ol’ Look Ma No Brakes collab in our storage spot! Yep, not cheap, but compared to the complete bike, its a bargain… Swoop here!
  How about some art from our friend Marto! He made a t-shirt with Godzilla taking over gentrification on Schlesi! We still got a few in stock, if you can not make it to Berlin, you can go here and we send you one
  Diggin’ the Ugo book for a while. So this is a re-post, but it is just so good to be true… Check film!
  The year is almost over again. There are christmas sweets everywhere, so maybe time to get a new calendar? Support our friend Taliah at bicycle paintings and get a copy of this nice calendar! Whooooop!
  We’re not sure who made this illustration, but the pic is called “bike babe”? Its kinda nice… Do a trick
  Back in 2004 it looked like this on Oberbaumstraße… Now it looks terrible, its dirty and stinks, I guess that comes with gentrification? Art by our friend Mike Makatron from the land of down under… Ride safe!
  Maybe its not exactly art, but whats not art about bicycles!? Check those buttons from our friends at Buzzworks from Amsterdam, that we got in stock now! They go quick and they brighten up your black cycling jersey! Do it!!!!
Save Keirin Berlin
  We’re not saved yet, as the trouble continues… Why does everything has to be about money? Click on the picture to check our lil film by Yu!
  Found on Todd Zerger… Do a trick Bääär
  We dig Francisco Martins style… Nice!
  Darf eine Dame auf das Fahrrad, und wenn ja, wie kommt sie hinauf? 1896. Article here…
  Pretty wild… Via Slow Room Madrid
“Schönes Fräulein, darf ich wagen, mein Tandem Ihnen anzutragen” – “Bin weder Fräulein, weder schön, hab selbst mein Fahrrad draußen steh’n!” Anno 1898
Keirin ads are pretty wild in Japan!