Recently, a drawing of a bicycle thought to have originated from the studio of Leonardo da Vinci is now considered a hoax. This drawing was believed to be by Giacomo Caprotti (c. 1493), a pupil of Leonardo. Only the two circles are originally from the Codex Atlanticus, on the verso of sheet 133. Via
Marc Chagall, 171 bicycle riders 65x50cm lithograph. Hi-res click!
More about shadow artis Ellis G. here…
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Eddy Merckx by Claude Le Boul (1986) via
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Check Scott Free’s coloring book here. Yo bro’ send one over!!!
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Good news  today… Papergirl Berlin is back, we like!!!
Found on MF
Article about Mexico’s art revolution here
Nice one… Via paintingletour
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Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Found
Yes, I remember this one, on 6th Ave!? We are working on it…
Not that we do not like to ride our bicycles… But let’at hope that this is the last time tonight before the finals of the stupid nonsense… Out!
Japanese Penny Farthing bicycle 1892
Japanese Cycling in 1892, read
Just found this picture of our old wall from back in 2004! We are working on something, you’ll see! Check Makatron
Anyone any artist info?
Yes! Let’s have a ride on your bicycle… Nice article here
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Ride your bike… Via Mikael
Elephant on Bicycle
The Tour’s men-only set-up cannot be justified but the public, too, have a part to play in boosting the profile of women’s cycling, via The Guardian. Illustration by Lo Cole