Immer diese Jugend! By KRL
Il ciclista by Mario Sironi 1916
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  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! 100 years ago, bike chaos in a world with almost no cars…
  Yorckstraße in 1976, by Döbler
  Semi-satire on the new-fangled “bicycle suit” that women were starting to wear in order to ride the newly-invented safety bicycle. “La bicycliste et caricature, 1897” by Georges Montorgueil
  Amazing mural by Natasha Turovsky. Pic taken from here…
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  Got some shirts with “Godzilla am Schlesi” back in stock. Designed by Marto and printed by Bera. Italians in Berlin…
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  Together with Stash. Found on me my self and I
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  Or get the Tagesspiegel. Bike special today, includes an article about bicycle cafe’s in Berlin, the all new thing!!!
  More murals by Juanita Perez here…
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  Somewhere in the windy city… Via
  Once you are out, you won’t even feel that little drizzle… More prints here
Fahrrad by Mou Huan  
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  Doug Ross lets the cats race… Via
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  Peter and the crew are back with TWO, the new Cog Magazine! Long time awaited and look who made it on the cover!!! We hope there are some copies on its way, if you can not wait, go support and buy a bike magazine that is made by cyclists not only for cyclists, nowadays its the other way around… You know who you are!
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  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays!
  One Dollar Premiere Issue!? Nice… Where???