Weekends are for chilling w the homies… Enjoy the sun do a trick! Via
  Yes, were at the end of the road, the last building on the left side, last and best coffee before the bridge! Lol! We’re open from 1-6pm, say hello…
  Yes, those were the days!!!
  Sweet Omnium, nice built up! Come take a spin w one of our bikes… Spring is coming, so are the bbq times! Ride safe!
  Come by today and eat some cake and listen to some weird music w us! Nice weather is reserved… Approx 1130 at Keirin!
  Finally in! Go swoop em here or come have a coffee w us! Ride safe!
  If this is still art is maybe a different thing!? One thing is for sure, this is gentrification!
  and sunny too… Go ride and come visit us, we’re open from 1-6pm! Ride safe…
  Get a proper spare lock for your rear/front wheel or your Kneipencruiser! White, pink or baby blue, €20 in the shop or here…
  We’re open from 1-6pm, come over and listen to some tunes with us while drinking coffee… Ride safe!
  Come go for a ride and come have a coffee w us, were open from 1-6pm and still have some Kreuzberg caps in stock! Picture by Mister Hagbard
  Zodiak chainrings and cogs back in stock! They are stiff and light and look cool too. Made in Moscow! Come check them out in our store or get them here…
  Yes, its a Omnium Cargo for kids… Pre-order only!!! Shoot us a mail, in case you are interested. Seat tube is 34cm / Top tube 50cm w/ 406/559 wheels. Perfect for ages 7-12! Ooooh we wish we would be kids again…
  Come have a coffee w us, we’re open from 1-6pm
  Not many beanies left in our webshop go get them and ad some color to the grey of the winter!
  We’re back again and more than ready for 2017! Opening hrs. will stay the same Mo-Fr from 12-19, Saturdays from 13-18 and Tuesdays we will stay closed… Happy 2017, ride safe, get a cargo bike and do a trick…!
  We will stay closed until January 4th 2017. Sorry to disappoint all you friends, Berlin visitors #messlife and coffee ☕️ nerds! For your daily coffee boost please see our friends @passengercoffeeroasters around the corner on Oppelner Str. in #Kreuzberg… Go for a ride or a walk, bake a cake, read a book, watch a #Keirin race or chill with friends… 2017 is around the corner, thanks for the support #cycling is the future and does unite! Guten Rutsch
  A little present for your cycling nerd friends… Here or live at the shop till Friday!
  Come visit and drink a coffee and get a colourful cycling cap! We’re open today from 1-6pm! Ride safe!!! Pic
  The show UNTERWEGS at Café Galerie Kohi on Rungestraße 20, in Berlin Mitte ends already on Friday the 9th! So come and see paintings by Eici Sonoda along with Berlin handmade bicycles by yours truly Keirin Berlin. Kohi is open Mo-Fr from 10-17! Check it out, have a coffee and look at paintings and bicycles. Buy art not drugs, ride a bike!