Check out the new Vigorelli for the US market, but no worries we got our hands on some of those, but let us know asap so we can figure it out for you…
Just in today! Bicyclepaintings.com original Brooklyn cycling-caps. Very limited run by Taliah. €35 each…
40th anniversary limited edition of the legendary Evolution Mini by Kryptonite in ruby red. Get it while its hot.
We will be getting some more Reload’s soon. Anything special, let us know, so we can get one for you too!
Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 2.47.32 AM
Sorry for that! Yes, we miss our coffee too… But in the meantime, try Rie’s Japanese style drip coffee!!!
The Haro booth was def the best at the Interbike. On display, among other oldschool stuff was also Eddie Fiola’s original GT from back in the days… Actually, we will be selling GT at our store in the near future…
Def still the best BMX grip around. Soon a new delivery in the shop!
Maybe one of the best framebuilders currently… Also a great person, nicely done Chris…
We doubt that the bike is Made in Germany, but we can built you bombproof fixed rear-wheel Made in Berlin starting from 100 Euro’s!
Finally back in stock, €29 each…. Come get them NOW!
The original back in stock. Many colors, € 6 each….
Unfortunately we are closed this wednesday! We are back to usual business hrs. on Thursdays! Sorry!!! Ride safe!!!!
Even back in the days already big in the business, finally over here in Europe. The “Giant Wald basket”. For 70 Euro’s, it’s yours!
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Yo Adam! Come back and have some Currywurst and Bier with us, anytime…
Due to high demand, we got Ass Savers back in stock, for 6 Euro’s each!
Cinelli original cycling caps, assorted colors, 15 Euro’s each!!!
Today! Starting at 3pm… You go Froome! Screenshot from the opening ceremony!
Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 1.00.38 PM
The original food-delivery basket from the US, we got a few models in stock, starting at 30 Euro’s
We got some Team bottles in today, only 3 Euro’s each!!!
Respect the bicycle courier, not only on mondays… Need some bigger goods delivered, maybe one of Berlin’s finest will show up! кататься безопасным брата!!!