Just to get a rep! Go get a old NJS frame here, before they will produce carbon frames… You’ll see!
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  We are stocking Thei-Sprint now. 100% Merinowool cycling jerseys and jackets made in Germany!!! Very very nice!!!
Yep, for those I will def make a Pappe!
One of the best ways to begin the new year, a new project or plan or even one new day is by setting a clear intention. Also, raus ausm’ Bett!
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After eating all that nonsense… Polish National Team 1980 by Jan Rozmarynoskwi
Storing cycles Paddington Station (1902)
We are packing up for this year! We might be in for a few hrs. tomorrow. Juten Rutsch!
Hmmm! Or maybe read about the Volvo Molteni Project
Back in! We love you Brooklyn!!!
At the Ostsee… Damn cold water, but refreshing… Nice!!!
Summer cleaning! From left to right… Green 80’s DDR Mifa working lights €90 >>> Black/Pink 80’s BRD Mars 3-Speed & lights €120 >>> Bluegreenish 60’s DDR Diamant Singlespeed  €120 and Silver 80’s Peugeot €120. All bikes got new tires and are ready for the next Eckkneipe! Click on pic a few times for larger image!!!
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Sunday ride in 80’s Berlin…
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! 1930’s, nice!!!
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BMX racin’ started in 1958 already, and guess where? In Holland!? Read the article over here
Got this beauty in nearly mint condition for sale! Fully Campagnolo equipped!
Here’s that old Hovis ad, filmed on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Directed by Ridley Scott himself and nicely under-laid with music from Dvorak. it’s Britain all-time favorite TV ad.
Berlin’s not so wild, Lo-Down workshops commuter bike with Moto pedals and Wald basket from the Keirin store.
Alan Oakley the designer of the Raleigh Chopper bicycle has died. Despite being uncomfortable and difficult to ride, the Chopper was the dream bike of every kid who grew up in 70’s Britain. Inspired by American bicycle styles like the Schwinn Stingray the Chopper with banana seat, large back wheel, small front wheel and stick-shift was a huge success for Raleigh.
Looking all stylin’ back in the 70’s and the sound, yes!!!!
So cool! In the Rütt arena Hasenheide Berlin which unfourtunatley burnt down in 1931.
Was constructed almost entirely of Oregon pine and was wide enough for four cyclists to ride abreast. It was painted dark green and, at night, brightly lit with incandescent lights. The toll was 10 cents one-way, or 15 cents round trip. In sunny California? We like! Want the whole story? Read it!!!