It became sort of a tradition. The Satanic Mechanic sticks the Omnium’s together and they are approved if he can pull a wheelie… Check out the Cargo XL, looks fresh…
and do a trick…
Do a trick!?
  Check out rrdblocks in NYC, click on the pic for flic! Ride safe!
  You know it… Do a trick!
Do it! Yeaaaah!
female thursdays…
  Erykah Badu creates a very unique work of art during the Dallas LABART Texas art show representing the #blacklivesmatter movement. This video was shown alongside her art piece during the event. Click on the picture to see the video. Be aware, this is going to hurt…    
Do a trick!?
  Every freakin’ day… Click!
  Sunday ride! Follow us on Instagram!
Go for a ride!
  Check out this amazing project for kids in South Africa. First learning, than riding! Click on pic to see short film!
Peter Lustig
  Ride in peace!!!
Go for a ride !?
  And do a trick!? Damn! Click on pic…
Do a trick!?
  The Miracle Boy and DMC back in 1998! Click the picture!!!
  Probably one of then best BMX riders ever died yesterday age 41! Ride safe Dave…
  Wow! Chula Vista BMX race track! Booooom!
Do a trick!?
  Hip Hop beats and BMX, what more can I say!? Click the pic and pump up the volume!
female thursdays…
  BMX is def not what is used to be, but still looking forward for the BMX race at this year’s Olympic games… Check out London 2012, the ladies finale!! Click for video! WOW!!!