Nice ad w 5 times track world champ Félicia Ballanger from the good ol days in the early 90’s
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  Check out a lilttle NY story on No Life Like This Life! Good folks from the friendly place called Brooklyn! Soon we will stock some goodies from No Life!
KEIRIN Grand Prix 16′
  Going on NOW! in Tachikawa Tokyo, the KEIRIN Finals 2016! Click on pic for lil clip…
  Тамара Павловна Гаркушина back in 1967… Loooots of gold medals!
  Nice article about Japanese Keirin racing on Wired!
  A lil throwback to the Olympic Games last month in Rio. You’ve all seen that pic, we just wanted to give a lil shout ou to Laurine van Riessen for that move again! You go girl!!!!
  Can Ayesha McGowan become America’s first black Woman Pro Cyclist? Via Vice (hah!)
  We think this is the best track hub money can buy! Double fixed flip flop, so perfect for the velodrome or traveling, also the number once choice for you singlespeed folks! 36 holes, either in messenger black or classic silver, laced to Ambrosio or Rigida. Wheel sets start at €250 or get the hub set here and do it yourself… Never too late to learn it… Ride safe!
  Shout out to Miriam and Kristina for rocking Rio! Mister Uibel you should re-consider… Aight!? Our good old Aurora straps
Tonight at the Olympics! KEIRIN Livestream available via ARD & ZDF at least here… Ride hard and be safe guys…
“I have to admit, it is very difficult for a woman to be a cyclist in Ethiopia” Check out the interview with Hadnet Asmelash on cyclingnews You go girl!
  And maybe also pull a bunny hop… Check out Keirin Berlin Racing Team
  Via BOXDOG Bikes SF. Time to go to Cali…
  Nice, looking kinda fun! Via MF
  Annett Neumann, East German National Track Team. Pic from back in 1989
  On April 26th 1986 at 1:23am Reactor No.4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded. The residents of the town Pripyat were ordered to evacuate. Pic by Kiddofspeed aka Elena Filatova “Ghost town and the land of wolves” It does look like an abandoned Velodrome
  Womens Keirin POV! Booooom
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! This is Zak a former Pittsburgh and Portland messenger! Messfam on the Berlin Velodrome till tomorrow! Come out and be loud!
  Some Keirin bling? More unusual products in our webstore! Berlin Six days starting on Thursday…