Art Crank w Brooke Ekelund, you know it… Prince died a year ago!
Evil Knievel
  Click on pic! Lol, do a trick!
female thursdays…
  Before she owned a bicycle 15-year-old Ethel walked more than two hours across hilly terrain each day to attend school. With a bike, her commute now takes 45 minutes. Click on pic for lil film!
courier mondays…
  Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Click on the picture to see Bill in action delivering Pizza in Brooklyn. He was a long time NYC and San Francisco messenger, toured w the Grate and after more than 25 years on the road, he started delivering Pizza. He was also a dear friend. Last week its been two years since Bill left us. Ride in paradise, see you on the other side! That smile he had, wow!
  Welcome to 2017! Go ride whatever bike you like and be safe! Check a little film, click on the pic to see it… Now ride!
KEIRIN Grand Prix 16′
  Going on NOW! in Tachikawa Tokyo, the KEIRIN Finals 2016! Click on pic for lil clip…
female thursdays…
  More for the ladies… Krys Dauchy, the first ever sponsored female BMX rider… Click on pic for little video from 1987
  Click on pic for a little 80’s commercial! Fly like the wind…
  And do a trick, lol! Check out Schwinn’s Swing BIke, haha ha! Lil flic here…
  Just to get a rep! Go get a old NJS frame here, before they will produce carbon frames… You’ll see!
  Another great musician left the world! Leonard Cohen ride in peace… Damn 2016!
female thursdays…
  What did ever happen to Missy Giove? Click on pic for lil film! Yo grrrrrllll….
go for a ride!?
  Cats are def smarter than dogs, or did you ever see a police cat? Click on pic for lil flic…
  Bring some color to the fall and stay warm while looking good! Limited stock here or live in shop, plus free music like this…
  We’re happy to bring you “The Good Times Are Killing Me” the 2nd and final full length film by Foadfixed ⚡️ Screening is this Saturday 9pm October 22nd! COBA Bar Skalitzer Str. 68 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Be there and do a trick! Event page for more info here… Who would’ve thought we will show a fixed gear freestyle film one day… Ride the bike you like!
Go for a ride!?
  Maybe not only around Kreuzberg… Loving the U1 always and forever! Kreuzberg!!! Click on pic for flic…
  Do a trick and listen to Hip Hop beatzzzz...
  Diggin’ the Ugo book for a while. So this is a re-post, but it is just so good to be true… Check film!
  You should try it… Maybe start with a lil trick though! Boooom…
  Back in 2004 it looked like this on Oberbaumstraße… Now it looks terrible, its dirty and stinks, I guess that comes with gentrification? Art by our friend Mike Makatron from the land of down under… Ride safe!