Back in 2004 it looked like this on Oberbaumstraße… Now it looks terrible, its dirty and stinks, I guess that comes with gentrification? Art by our friend Mike Makatron from the land of down under… Ride safe!
  1988 forever… Say wot?
Save Keirin Berlin
  We’re not saved yet, as the trouble continues… Why does everything has to be about money? Click on the picture to check our lil film by Yu!
courier mondays…
  Bronx Jon died 10 years ago on August 12th 2006! Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! Click on the picture to see this clip from Red Light Go! Ride Safe!
Do a trick!?
  Click on the picture to see this sick clip by 16 year old Lil Juice / Cult BMX
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 01.03.15
  Mario’s cargo is most def lighter than yours… Omnium Ti all the way from #vote4bern
Three passes
  Turn it up – Click on pic, to see flic! Go ride, keep the bike on shreddin…
  More courier mondays… Berlin’s finest messlife combo: Till, Zorro, JackAlex, Kevin and Kole at the #savekeirinberlin Soli Party. Turn up the volume and click on the pic for the video. Thanks a lot Elizabeth Kchihiro for the lil film… Booom!
1891 The Maharajah of kapurthala
The Maharajah of Kapurthala, 1891… Listen!
Do a trick!?
  Check out rrdblocks in NYC, click on the pic for flic! Ride safe!
Do a trick!?
  Every freakin’ day… Click!
female thursdays…
  Watch Georgina on the move! Click on pic… Wow!
  This is just so good and could’ve been us, kinda!? Click on the picture to see a West-Berlin / Ost-Berlin story from back in 1984. Unfortunately only in German!
  Womens Keirin POV! Booooom
Monster Track
  Tonight! In case you are in NYC… Ride safe!!! Click on the picture to see last years video!
Peter Lustig
  Ride in peace!!!
Go for a ride !?
  And do a trick!? Damn! Click on pic…
Go for a ride!?