Met Ko a few years ago in Yokohama, he is getting better and better, couldn’t believe it back then… Triple wow!
Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on mondays! You know you love snow, need a courier in Yokohama? Go get Ken @ Courio City
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Respect the bicycle courier… Not only on tuesdays!!! Last year in Miyagi, pictured is Ken!
NASTY SIGNATURE FRAME from k@nt! on Vimeo. Yokohama in the house… Want the frame? Please, let us know! Do a trick…
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… If you need a courier while in Yokohama, try Courio City!!! Possibly the coolest bikecourier company worldwide, ne!!!!?
Respect the bicycle courier! Not only on mondays… Yokohama 1940’s, yeah!!!!
You know we will be back in Japan! Great article on TSP, must read!
Please see  Bikes for Japan for more info! Folks need more bikes, support them…
We got those bags for €5 in the store, come pick one up and support Japan! We love you JP!
The one and only from Yokohama. For your Krypto or Palmy lock…
Guess you could win the Goldsprints this year Ken, he he he… Good luck with the event, last year was a blast
Hama Bike during Halloween in Yokohama.This was the first and hopefully not the last time…A one day bicycle event with Art, BMX flatland, Trick Track, Films and Goldsprints. Great! Thank you Yanaken and everybody else at Courio City, Yokohama.
Yume from the Happy Minato Family dressed as Zombie. Shinya Nomotos Zebraman wearing vintage Cinelli clothing and his bicycle out of leather…There was also art from Taliah Lempert on display during Hama Bike.
The bicycle butterfly was built up for the first time. A 15 meter longconstruction made out of bicycle parts that knock each other over….Sponsored by Bridgestone.
Nice Goldsprints during Hama Bike in Yokohama. Organized by Thor, Takuya, GoGo and t2y of www.goldsprint.jp Team Keirin Berlin in full effect, 3rd and 1st place. Yep, still rockin’.3. Katz – Keirin Berlin/Courier Tokyo2. Ken – Courio City/Yokohama1. Mortimer Slomo/Keirin Berlin Thanks for the bag,  Bagjack!
On it’s way from Tokyo, new stuff from Gunung and our friends at Starfuckers.